Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Barter Exchange Items

Here are my items on the block for the barter exchange:

This lovely and handy bag with the japanese-esque fabric and orange lining (inside is a little pocket, too!)

These farmer's market bags (broccili or beet) though the handles will be a little different than what is pictured.

A children's art smock (for age 2-3.5), which you can specify a different fabric or basic applique from the one pictured. In fact, I'm out of this fabric so definitely a different fabric.
A half-apron, with or without the pocket and ruffle, etc. In all kinds of fabrics, I will send some options on that.
And, a set of four (or a few more or less) baby bibs in assorted fabrics:


Julie said...

Doh! I read through this thinking, "She's so awesom and brave and I could never... well maybe I will... no this isn't for me... DOH!" Allow me to sleep on this.

mama-pan said...

OK, I have my marketplace up on my blog now! pop on over and see what you'd like :-)