Monday, June 23, 2008

It's so Easy Being Green(er)

In an ongoing attempt to be more 'green' and always carrying a bit of guilt about buying whole yards of fabric to cut them into tiny pieces I trekked to the local thrift store this past week and bought big men's and women's shirts (including a kimono style robe...what is not to love about that?!). So, with my new fabric swaps I started making some fun kitchen towels.

For the striped one I cut the sleeve off (intact) and used it to create a fun towel tag for hanging. For both of them I used bias tape to edge them so I didn't have to do a hem stitch. I created the bias tape on one of them using bits of a women's shirt. It was fun and satisfying. I'm now obsessed with finding big sized men's and women's shirts and literally dream of finding a thick, cotton yellow one so I can edge it with wine-colored pom-poms. Mmmm.

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Juniper said...

Wow girl, well done!! Love re using fabrics, you have some clever ideas here to copy- thanks! Funny I was making a shirt for Carolina out of an old tablecloth last night- trying to do some cut out shape to cover the stain.. it's a nice use of the brain- the probem solving you do when sewing.