Monday, July 7, 2008

Bean Bags and Thanks

So, Amanda Blake Soule of this book, that I keep talking about, suggests giving kids fabric of different texture and yarn (under adult supervision) to play with. So, in keeping with that idea I threw together a few bean bags from scraps. It is such a satisfying project because it's quick success and there is no need for perfection. Plus, it's bean bags...they are just fun.

And, thanks for the porch advice. I like it...the rug just has to go. Gotta convince the husband to tear up the nasty carpet under the nasty rug and paint the floorboards. It's a good plan, I think he will actually love doing that. It involves demolition AND painting.

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Mom said...

Yes! I give Abby and Olivia yarn and fabric all the time and they love it. They do all kids of creative things with it. One of my favorite memories is from this winter when they would take yarn balls and bat them around the house like kitty cats. So cute. I did make a set of beanbags a while back for my nephew, but fear that my seams weren't strong enough as they split apart after a bit of use. What are your tips for reinforcing them or ensuring that one doesn't, dare I say, spill the beans (ha!)? A & O are about ready for a set - what a great project.