Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Lemon Drop Bedroom

The bedroom summer curtains are done!! Yeah, it took alot of fabric wrestling and three broken needles but I can say I didn't cry or have to use the seam ripper. And here they are. The light in the morning is fantastic, a great warm yellow room.
I copied our Ikea curtains for how to create them because I liked how they hang.
This one, below, is the whole reason for this debacle. It's made so that I can hook it and it hangs above the air conditioner. Makes it a little blousy looking but all in all I'm thinking it's as good as it gets without using a shade or something.

What I did to create this is added three buttons and three hoops at the bottom so I could pull it up to the correct length. These buttons (which I love) were given to my from my mom's collection years ago. I was almost not going to use them because they are so cute and deserve a better showcase but I stockpile too many things like that so I went for it.
Up next are curtains for C's room but this fabric hasn't yet arrived. So, I think I'm going to work on some smaller, instant gratification type projects.


Juniper said...

Nice curtains- lovely summery light. Good thinking on a solution for how do work with the air conditioner- and lovely buttons. Bet they will have a second life after their time on your windows.

Mom said...

I love the title of this post - lemon drop. What a great nickname for your bedroom. The curtains look wonderful. I hope you are proud!