Friday, July 11, 2008

Machine sewing needles

I have been having some trouble with my machine lately. It is skipping stitches and bunching in random places. Sometimes it helps when I stop and re-thread my machine, but I am wondering if I am just doing something silly or wrong. What do you ladies know about machine needles? Should I be more diligent about changing them? Also, is there a rule of thumb (or thimble?) about when to use what kind of needle? How about thread? Are there certain projects when I should use synthetic (polyester) or cotton? Does any of this really make a difference, or might there be something wrong with my machine?


K, M & little C said...

The thread rule of thumb I know of is to always use high-quality thread, I beleive that Guterman is one of the better brands. But, on the machine needle. I think it is amazing how frequently you need to change your needle. Whenever the machine gets funky I change it and find it clears things up. Amy Karol of Bend the Rules says to change it with EVERY project just to be safe. So, next time you are at the fabric store, buy lots of needles for back up. That's all I know. But, I would love to know more about threads. A bit confused on that one myself.

Mom said...

Perfect - that's just the advice I was looking for. Thanks! I also did some sewing on Amy Butler home dec fabric last night and my machine liked that much better than the cheaper stuff I had been working with. My machine has expensive taste! Who knew?!