Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh, the things I could buy...

I am absolutely in love with everything that Nikki McClure has ever made. I splurged on her book "Collect Raindrops" after my sister bought two of her children's books "Awake to Nap" and "Welcome" for Cal. And, that led to me NEEDING her 2008 calendar and it's been a full-fledged love affairs since then. How does she do it! Cut with an exacto knife from black paper and capture all of life's most amazing moments. I'm blown away and imagine she and I are good friends and she loves me. I also go all gooey for the entire Roebuck furniture line. It looks so sturdy and fun. This chick chair is one of my favorites but really everthing is great.

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Juniper said...

I so agree with you especially on the Nicky Mcclure end, we have the last few years of calenders- (how can anyone throw them away after the year is over)and awake to nap... she does beautiful work.
Do like the creative simplicity of the wooden childrens furniture.