Friday, July 25, 2008

Pillow Making Advice

I want to tackle some falling apart pillows in our TV room and make them prettier using the flower print fabrics in this shot. Trouble is, I can't decide what is going to look best.

This style of pillow below from sprout design. This would give a simple look and show the full effect of the fabric (it is a nice design, not well highlighted in my picture). Or I could try to add cording to the edge but still a similar idea to this one. Or..

A design like this from Oh Fransson! . I mean not so busy, maybe just use the blue dot fabric in addition to the flower fabric but jazz it up a little. Without all the patchwork she has. So, not really like this photo but having the double border that she has. Thoughts on this? I'm looking for a soothing, elegant feel to the room. (Realize it would have been useful to show the room but it's just too embarassing.)


Mom said...

What a great project. I need to do something like this at some point too. I love that basic design and your fabrics. I also think that cording or tassels would make them more on the elegant side of things. Some more ideas to mix it up a bit might be:

1) Use suede or silk for the backing - or a shag of some sort for more character.
2) Make one or two in a different shape like a rectangle (lumbar pillow?), rather than having them all square.
3) Add coordinating ribbon to break up the pattern and give them some shine. For the front you could do a solid on the bottom, then ribbon, then pattern on top.
4) Add embroidery or other embellishment on top of the floral to make some of the flower patterns stand out.

Can't wait to see pics! Also, it might be worth browsing or other such site for ideas and dimensions...

K, M & little C said...

Fantastic! Thank you.