Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Water

It is hot. Very hot, and the NorthEast heat wave isn't showing any signs of letting up. We are all dragging our feet when we aren't sat directly in front of the airconditioner. It's getting old. So, to beat this heat this weekend I made on of my favorite and super simple summer treats.

Summer Water.

It's so easy, and delicious. Put ice cubes in filtered water (especially if you live in NJ and can't trust the contents of your local water source), add lemon slices (about half a lemon), and then add mint leaves. You can drain it and add more water, the flavor lasts for a surprisingly long time. Don't skip the ice, however, it helps bruise the lemon and mint and keep the flavor coming.

Any other summer, heat-beating recipes to share? We are eager to embrace them!

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