Sunday, September 7, 2008

Buying Kitchen Time

I've given birth to a boy boy. And, by that I mean he really digs modes of transportation. He will play with a doll for a while and hug a teddy bear but what he really wants to do is play with trucks or trains or cars. We go for walks just to see construction sites. So, despite my best intentions of being gender neutral I made these magnets for him. I went out and took pictures of trucks, cars, van, etc. and the printed them, applied a magnet and laminated them. They now live on our fridge. (Let me tell you, the picture taking part is not as easy as it sounds...these vehicles are usually moving or not in a position to stop and take a good photo.) And, holy smokes, they are a winner! I have seriously bought myself an additional 20 minutes of kitchen time.
Here is, of course, the quintessential school bus...complete with bus driver who was more than a little uncomfortable with the lady taking his photo. If our printer was better, these would have actually turned out with sharper color but so be it. The only thing missing is a city bus and a motocycle.
I'm thinking next might be magnets of family members (and the cat) or different emotion faces for communicating feelings...we will see.


Mom said...

These are AWESOME. What a great idea. And what great photography. I'm sure they were hard to capture, but you did it beautifully. I had done some magnets for the twins of far-away family members, but this whole play scene idea takes it to a new level. We are currently undergoing street reconstruction, so if you want any pics let me know. I'd be happy to email pipes, cement trucks, dump trucks, construction workers, gravel - you name it.

Juniper said...

Clever woman! Very good idea. Gaetano was the same way... remember being on my own around that time (when he was one and half two) and nearly shouting out LOOK A DIGGER then realizing I didn't have my little guy with me, funny how you get used to it and go out of our way to see vehicles. I still do take notice of a nice construction truck or a helicopter in a way I never did before having kids. Tano was obsessed with trucks, buses diggers. Watch out it will be planes and trains soon and then comes race cars.Does seem to be something hard wired... Carolina could care less.

Cecile said...

I love this idea. Where did you get the magnets from? Thanks for taking the time to share.

Amy said...

Love, love, LOVE this! Found my way here through Apartment Therapy/Ohdeedoh and had to do this immediately for my little man. He kept saying "Wow! That's pwetty awesome! I love it!" He's two and this just made his day. Thank you for sharing this fantastic idea! Going to make paper dolls for my little girl with magnets on the back. :)