Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All hustle and bustle

In a desperate attempt to avoid watching CNN while checking politico.com when it's way to early for anything to mean anything anyway...I'm blogging. In an attempt to get a head start on the handmade holidays I put my time on my own to good use finishing a few projects. (Oh my gosh, PA might just be blue!! Please, oh please.)

I finally got with it and made a tote bag and I fully understand the addition element! They rock and the french seams are great. Thanks Beth! Right now, it is tasked with holding all of my completed holiday gifts. Hmm, wonder what else is in there?!

Plus, got over my fear of sewing corners and completed the scalloped blanket.
The tea cozy is for my mother-in-law (like a true Irish woman she drinks and serves tea as if it might heal all the world's ills). The coffee cozy uses fabric from the vintage swap, which I'm so excited to finally start using. It's for a coworker.


Beth said...

The tea cozy is awesome! I'm glad you are liking the tote bags too. I also had another idea for a guy gift (it's baking, but that's still handmade, right?) - bake some biscotti and put it in a nice container with some coffee or tea. You could customize a gift basket/bag from there. I've got some great Martha Stewart recipes - let me know if you need/want one. These are a BIG hit with my in-laws. It's not as hard to make as you might think...

Paige said...

I love the scalloped baby blanket - how pretty! And the tote and tea cozy. You've been a busy gal!