Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Boy, Oh Boy

The farmhouse is complete! This one is for the little guy this Christmas. I've even got farm animals and a tractor to fill it. (The tractor is likely to be the big draw!). This tutorial was pretty easy to follow, though my farmhouse is a little looser around the edges than hers is.

I added two bushes, one pond and a walking trail to the inside. Not that elaborate but hopefully somewhat useful for a budding imagination. The basic structure of the house is machine sewn but the felt embellishments were hand-done. Which is something I've newly discovered that I love becuase it allows me to watch TV and craft at the same time! Rather than feeling holed up behind the machine I was able to watch a great film, Zelary, it takes place in the Czech Republic during World War II, a sweet love story.

And, here is the little guy himself. Who, immediately managed to pry loose one of the letter off the nameplate I made for him using letters given to us on his first birthday (it took me a while...6 months to be exact). How do they do this? I really thought it was secure. It's always humbling to be a parent.

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Beth said...

Yes, humbling indeed. We are constantly under attack by little crayons that appear and disappear out of nowhere - yet manage to color over our (newly re- and re- and re-painted) walls...

What a lovely farmhouse. It's darling. I'm sure he'll love it.