Saturday, November 29, 2008

Etsy Assuages my Guilt

I had a real dilemna about whether or not to send holiday cards this year. On the one hand, it isn't particularly envrionmentally responsible and I'm trying to be more conscious of that. One the other hand, I love writing the cards, seeing them all stacked up and ready to go, and I love receiving holiday cards and seeing how other people are doing. In short, I love the tradition of holiday cards especially in such an electronic world. I'm the kind of adult that is really a 13-year old geek...I love getting mail! So, I turned to etsy and sure enough I was able to find handmade holiday cards that made me feel like I could satisfy my card-loving side and support an artist. All of this makes me feel a bit less guilty. (There is very little actual logic in this, I know.)
I got these cards from cicada studio (top left) and nella designs. They are gorgeous in every way and both arrived faster than you can say AMAZON.

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