Friday, December 5, 2008

Breakfast is covered...forever

Finally, a handmade man gift!! I decided to make my dad's gift a kind of book-readers companion type thing. It was sparked by a suggestion by Beth. Along with the Sherlock Holmes collection he wanted I'm adding a custom made mug with a photo of his grandson on it (similar to this), some biscotti (yet to be made), fair trade coffee, and my sister's granola. The granola was completed this afternoon and is officially my new breakfast till the end of time. It's sooo good and better yet, simple. My sister is a vegan who loves food and she has perfected the craft of cooking/baking. It's very impressive. I knew her granola was good but I had forgotten HOW good until making it today.
I've already divided the full batch into a section to stay with us and the remainder for my dad. I think this is the handmade world equivalent of holiday shopping where you come home with more that remains unwrapped than ever gets wrapped. If you are interested in this recipe, let me know and I will check with my sister. It's a little bit of a secret recipe but I can try.

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daftdahlia said...

That is so not fair!I'm sitting here having my first cup of coffee wondering what's for breakfast on this cold Saturday morning. Mmmmm, I think! I'll make this granola. Wrong :>(

Would love to have the recipe!!