Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beginning Knitting

My coworker let it slip that she is a knitter and I quickly organized a "Knitting Lunch" with other women interested in learning. So, today I pulled out dusty, well-intentioned needles and yarn from my packed up crafty station and actually put them to a bit of work. Below is the instructor with one of her students. (Can you tell who is who? Ha!) She even knit the sweater she is wearing.Truth be told, quite a few of us found it really hard. My original goal was to learn how to knit and purl. By the end of our lunch hour I would have been extremely happy just to get the guys on the left side to move to the right side...damn those guys. Below is a crocheter who found it less difficult.

And, here is my official progress. Harumph! I did learn, however, that I definitely need bigger needles and chunkier yarn to start with. I just went with a pretty yarn and the size needle it told me to get. Silly amateur. You knitters really make it look far too easy.

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Beth said...

Great work! Keep at it. I felt like a clumsy three year old when I (re)learned. It took some time to get the hang of it, maybe a week or so. Soon it will come to feel natural and you'll be purling with the best of them. Have you set your sights on a first project yet?