Saturday, January 17, 2009

A little unleashing

With all of my sewing stuff packed up, my husbands asks, "What will you do with all your creative energy?" Turns out I'm unleashing it on my coworkers. I'm lucky enough to work with people from a gazillion different backgrounds...pakistan, egypt, germany, israel, it goes on and on. And, we all love celebratory potlucks. So, my supervisor and I decided to have a New Year's heritage potluck where everyone brought a food item from their heritage or family tradition.
It was so great, great, great! We had everything from empanadas and mulled cider, to a german stolen bread (below). I wimped out and brought monkey bread (recipe is too easy to even admit to in the baking haven of blogland) instead of the Minnesota-traditional Caramel Rolls. I had to weigh the fact that I currently have a total of 12 inches of countertop with which to roll out dough.


Juniper said...

Sounds lovely!
Miss having that kind of variety around...any good empanada recipes to pass on???
How uch longer will your sewing things be packed away?
C and O

K, M & little C said...

I will see if I can scrounge up an empanada recipe. Have to say, though, Malta seems about as exotic as it gets so don't long too much for Jersey!? Sewing stuff, hmmm, packed up for a while I'm afraid.