Monday, February 2, 2009

Being Broke Isn't Half Bad.

I shouldn't say broke, really it's budgeting. I'm aware I have loads of creature comforts. But, the house project is seriously stretching our budget and so we are very consciously cutting back. We limited ourselves to NYTimes only on the weekends (Oh, how I love you Monday crossword.), got rid of cable with the intention of existing on Netflix alone, cutting way back on fancy foods we make and those we buy, all new clothes and fancy coffees are banned. I've even stopped looking through the Anthropologie catalog (a dangerous endeavour) and we are taking advantage of our local library. I'm embarassed to say I've been a near-stranger to the library until the past month.

It's amazing what can be saved with lots of little savings here and there. I thought that I would find it difficult but necessary in the short term. Turns out, there is something great and liberating about it. I know I have all the necessary things that make a budgetted life easy like a home and heat and clothes I like, etc. And, that helps. But, seriously, it kind of feels nice when I choose to do something free rather than something expensive. I love that I'm not wasting time shopping for things I don't really need. Why did I do that to begin with? I feel like I get to let go of the need to have the cutest and newest because I just can't afford it. Decision made.

The picture is of the applique I put on a plain top to make pajamas for my sister as a Christmas gift. I paired it with matching pants. Just because I don't know about the picture-less post...let's not get that frugal.

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