Sunday, February 8, 2009

Getting Kitted.

A group of my closest friends from college have all managed to stay very close. We try to have occiasional reunions, but many times life and kids interfere in our best plans. But, we email alot and do our best to share in eachothers' challenges and triumphs. Oh yeah, and we call ourselves "The Gammas". It's a long story but, yes, we are a fake sorority. It sort of started as a joke. We now use it as a dead-serious term.

Anyway, one piece of our ongoing connection has been creating baby quilts for each child born to one of the group. Each individual, except the one having the baby, decorates a 13 inch X 13 inch fabric square and then the whole thing is quilted together. It is a tradition taken from a great community of people I know in Madison, Wisconsin. Well, as it so happens, all of our first children have gorgeous, meaningful quilts to their name. But, it's been more difficult to get to the second children. There is only one (so far) but she is already a one-year old and we still don't have hers off to her. And, then, wouldn't you know it...three of us are also currently pregnant. So, with visions of our second children (also known as gambinos) growing up asking "Where is my gamma quilt?" I decided it was within my crafting range (under current restrictions) to create Quilt Kits.

I'm trudging through it slowly between endless research trips related to our house project and the good-old third trimester, but, it's coming along. I initially sent an email with pictures so everyone could pick a few patterns they like and I'm trying to match some solids with other prints and then throwing in a few other things to help the process along. So, take heart little ones and little ones-to-be you will not live quilt free.

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Winona said...

What Melissa fails to mention is that of all the Gammas, she's the one that got all of the quilting genes so these quilting kits are necessary to avoid a deluge of "How big is the square again?" and "Can I use super glue and duct tape?" and "Where can I get fabric?" emails sent her way. Bless you, Melissa. The current and next generation of Gammas adore you.