Friday, June 5, 2009

the Dick and Jane Shirt

I have to admit it, I watched the Martha Stewart show. I don't normally but I was breastfeeding and there it was. And! Guess who was on! Heather Ross! No joke. And she was making something from her book Weekend Sewing. So, I bought the book because the project seemed super great. And it is great! I love this book and I already have my little tags all over it with the many, many projects I want to undertake. This one is called Kai's shirt. It was not that difficult and her instructions are clear (though it contains the kind of projects that require looking at the instructions pretty diligently). I have to say this was really satisfying for me. I'm intimidated by making clothing as complicated as this but this book has very nearly convincing me to even try my hand at clothes for myself.

I have to say I'm growing into a pretty big Heather Ross fan. Not only are her fabrics beautiful and high quality but she is pretty cute and seemed like the kind of person that would be fun to hang out with. Her book convinced me to reconfigure my crafting table and chair (this space is such a work in progress for me). And, she has a great blog. Actually, to be honest, it is probably fair to say that fabric designers are my world's biggest celebrities. If I actually met Amy Butler or Heather Ross I would probably be too starstruck to talk and be totally uncool. Anyway, this whole thing got me thinking...forget Martha Stewart (no disrespect) but can you imagine a tv show with Amy and Heather and maybe Amy Karol to boot? Now that would be some good stuff!

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A Little Of A Lot said...

Cute shirt !!
The more I hear about that book the more I am tempted to buy it.

The apron arrived today... LOVE it !! My favorite part, the super cute pockets. My 17 y/o gave me "that" look when I gushed about how cute the pockets w/ the little button detail were, and said "Are you seriously excited about pockets ?" Yep, I sure was, LOL.

Thanks so much, going to wear it tonight while cooking dinner ;-)