Monday, June 1, 2009

Giveaway Winner

Drumroll please...well, we laughed so hard we almost peed our own pants but in the end my husband made the call. And, he picked A Little of a Lot who wrote:

When she was about 3 the only thing i could get her to eat w/ no problem was chicken nuggets, finally in frustration I read her the book "Berenstein Bears and Too much junk food" It mentions Papa bear getting plump, and she asked what plump meant so I told her it was a polite way of saying Papa Bear was getting fat.Later that afternoon we were in the post office, there was a very large lady in front of us finishing up and had a can of soda in her hands, Victoria went straight over to her, tapped her can, looked straight up at her and said "You've been eating too much junk food." OMG, I have never been so embarrased. (A Little of a Lot, I will be in touch by email.)

He thought it was not only hilarious but also the perfect example of a parent trying to do everything right and it still goes haywire. Thanks to everyone for both entertaining us and also for visiting the site! I had no idea how difficult my husband's job would be to pick from so many great entries. It felt like a big group hug for our parenting adventures. I know that I personally will forever think of Bob the Builder as Bob the Dildo.

Mothers (and fathers, too!) we do great things...teaching about manners, explaining private parts, nurturing babies and managing complicated emotions. And, we do it all with a sense of humor so when the whole thing falls apart on us, we can still find it in ourselves to stop and get a good laugh. And that is not meant to exclude all lovers of little people. Sometimes it is the warm smile of a stranger that reminds you "aw, that was pretty cute, I should just laugh it off." Thanks to everyone.

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