Monday, June 15, 2009

Wee One Sewing

More from Weekend Sewing, little tops for little people. The black and white is the world's most adorable kimono top in a newborn size. It is really hard to convey how cute this is in the picture. It is so tiny that it becomes mouthwateringly cute. And so easy, the pattern is easy to follow and execute in a nap-time or two.

And, this is another one like the dick and jane shirt but made with (drumroll please) CONSTRUCTION SITE fabric. I almost lost it when I saw this fabric. It's too great for my oldest son. And, in a few weeks he will be headed to a different preschool so this is his official first day of school shirt. He has a tough time with transitions and so we are all a little nervous about this big change so I am hoping that being able to look at the trucks on his shirt will make his first day a little easier. And, it will be something he can show people and be proud of. Change, sigh, it's not easy at any age.


Anonymous said...

Great job! Both shirts are really cute. Good luck with the preschool shift. PZ just switched to a summer preschool program and she's loving it!

Isn't it cool with the kiddos are proud of their Mamas accomplishments and love the clothes we make them. Every time PZ get a compliment on something I've made she always says, "My Mom made it!". I love that. :)

Beth said...

The shirt is awesome! Yes, changes are hard at any age, but especially difficult for the wee ones.