Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Must Be Mistaken...

that's not a tear, ok, maybe it is. After one and half years with the same amazing caregivers, and from bottlefeeding all the way to drinking from a sippy cup my son had his final day at his daycare. Next week he starts at "Big Kid School" and we all take a deep breath. (I mean I know he is ready but there are five year olds there. What?!). To commemorate and thank the staff we made a wall hanging for them.

I stitched a little house emanating hearts using a straight stitch and flannel fabric onto white fabric and then stuck it to freezer paper to make it solid. Then my son painted on it, regular kid paint in case he ate it. After that I sewed scraps around it in a hodgepodge style..I wasn't all that concerned with exactitude and wanted a kind of kid-like look anyway. Then I quilted it sewing a hanging loop onto the top. It turned out crazy and chaotic and well just right in my book.

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Beth said...

How fun, and such a great idea.