Tuesday, November 17, 2009

bitty bag

I have this bag with a style I really like, it's from Target. And, I take this bag everywhere...the library, to work for my lunch (I'm a big eater), to the store for small shopping trips. Anyway, I started examining the bag and realized it was going to be really easy to make my own pattern and imitate the bag but with my own twist on it. So, I did that and used this scrumptious japanese fabric in a heavy-weight cotton to make a bag just right for my son. This propelled me into making them for other little people I know. I mean I made the pattern and all, I might as well make good use of it. Can't quite share the other bags just yet (or the things that might just be tucked inside).
But, I had to proudly display this simple little bag I made on my very own. The inside is shot cotton, which I need to discuss at great length another time (love it? hate it?) and, of course, the cat who seems to always be around when the camera strap emerges.

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