Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hung With Care

Nothing like a bit of hand sewing to get the holiday spirit buzzing. Have to admit to loving the build-up to Christmas, though I am way behind on handmade gifts this year and am going to have to steal some time in the coming weeks to get it all done. Despite all that, I sat down to make the baby's stocking during a bit of *still* time. Just plain old felt for these.
You Tube, and the baby monitor were my only companions. And, I discovered this--Odetta on The Johnny Cash Show. No idea how I got this far without knowing about Odetta but I'm an instant fan.

How 'bout that new banner? I will have to go into more detail about the font's big!


Juniper said...

Tee hee, was just doing this exact same thing last night, embroidering a Christmas stocking for Stella, to go with the ones for Tano and Liliana. I do love the sitting late into the night, listening to forgotten albums or trashy tv and sewing away. Got two packages made and sent but I think I may be sending some valentines hand made gifts to some in place of Christmas... just hard to do it all in time!! So wish we lived closer!
xx J

Erin Jane said...

Those stockings are ADORABLE!! And, thumbs up on the new banner. Love it.