Thursday, December 24, 2009


it is so close, I can taste it. there is something about holiday time that has become really different now that I am a parent. I'm so much more excited and am enjoying the build-up immensely. I'm eager to light the christmas tree each day and read Christmas books. I love seeing our oldest get excited and, at the same time, he isn't aware enough to be fixated on the gifts portion of things. He's really wrapped up in the wonder of it all. It's a great place to be. Helps me to enjoy it in the same way.
Was able to make a few gift bags this year for some gifts and also made stamped tags, using my scraps basket. Made a half dozen or so gifts just a bit more personal (and reusable).
Wishing everyone the best in the next few days!

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Juniper said...

I totally agree, now with young children Christmas and the lead up is filled with such magic and anticipation. The decorating, the soft glow of the christmas tree lights, the smell of cookies baking. Think that I I am enjoying the season far more now than I have in many's such a joy to share and help make the magic of the season for our young dear ones. So far it just keeps getting better and better as they grow and can help with little things like hanging christmas tree ornaments and making cookies (year five with little people afoot). Like your reusable and cool looking gift tags!!
Happy holidays to you and yours my dear!
x j