Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Went a bit nuts

...on books this holiday. I opted for some, maybe too many, luscious books to set under the tree in a few weeks.

I took a little quiet time in the afternoon to enjoy them myself. *Follow the line* is a single line that draws a million images and leads a great adventure by artist Laura Ljungkvist. All in a Day is a Cynthia Rylant poem illustrated by the lovely Nikki McClure. Snow is another by Cynthia Rylant. And, the brilliant Oliver Jeffers book How To Catch a Star. The two and a half year old in our house is really into the magic and wonder in the pages of books these days. We read all day, sometimes frantically while spinning and dancing and sometime quietly with a head on my shoulder. He's a man with my own heart. And, couldn't forget the baby in all this beautiful booking. These Charley Harper number and letter books are scrumptious and his images are perfect for little people who already live in an abstract world. Right? And, somehow this little book below also fell into the basket for me. Hmm, Santa perhaps?

We've also been enjoying Lisbeth Zweger's The Night Before Christmas since late last month as part of the exciting wonderment build up to Christmas. Thanks Juniper for your book hunting skills on this one!


Juniper said...

Oh!! `these are some of my all time favourites! Looks like a good bounty under the tree this year. Have not come across that follow the line book...looks cool... may have to scope it out. Am thinking (on the spot) that a tradition of one gift and one book gift per kid per Christmas may be a good thing (not including goodies in the stocking of course) at least for the next few years.

The Calico Cat said...

We have those Charlie Harper book for my 1 year old son! He loves to turn the pages!

mama-pan said...

what a great selection--you will never be sad you spent money on books. So glad your season is going merrily!