Sunday, January 3, 2010

week of shapes--stars

I'm joining ten finger workshop in her exploration of shapes in the home. Starting with stars, why not?
This is from a birthday garland I created when my oldest son turned 1, a picture for every month of his first year of life. This is him (and us) at 2 months...he is now a fantastically amazing 2.5 year old but at this time he was a colicky newborn and we were sleepy, overwhelmed new parents. This picture was a rare moment of calm in the midst of all that chaos. The garland hangs in his room now. Thanks Lil. Your week of shapes has already made me take the second glance it sometimes takes to be flooded with memories, the easy ones and the hard ones.


Juniper said...

Nice photos, and memories ....those bitter sweet early days.. so tough but so special. Look forward to seeing more shapes!

ten finger workshop said...

awesome ! I love the stars, I pass by important images & objects every day without stopping & looking at them. Especially ones from early motherhood, a wonderful & intense time. Keep it up M!