Monday, February 8, 2010

Quilting Class Re-Cap

Went into the city for my free motion quilting class this past weekend and it was so fantastic! I have always been a little on the overly-excited side. Like, as in some people are really cool and don't get crazy excited and they have lots of mystique and mystery. I am the opposite, which is why I will always land in the bit-of-a-geek category. (Don't make me talk about middle school, which was years of unsucessfully trying to rein this in.) I was alot like that middle school girl in the quilting class. Just so thrilled to be there with my nice, nice coffee from the cutest coffee shop. I'm not even kidding that I would just yell out "This is so cool! Look what I can do!" while sewing. And, part of that is my personality but a huge part of that is this technique.
Seriously folks. Free motion quilting is a game-changer. For real, game changer. I love it. You can do so much and there is so much less worry about the fabric folding over on you and leaving a pucker. It is great. You can move in all directions and literally draw with your sewing needle. Check out my swirly!

The only problem is that I do not have a free motion quilting (or darning) foot for my machine. So, I have to wait (Oh good god this is so hard!) and figure out how to get the right one for my machine. Then, I have to practice doing it alot because it can be a bit tricky but I'm so excited. I used to say that I really only enjoyed making the quilt top. I like the design component and the sewing together and seeing it all come together component. But, I can honestly say I am now thrilled to actually do the quilting (you know, after I get the proper foot). This was my first ever sewing class and I'm already hoping that I get the same thing for Christmas next year, 'cause I'm all over classes now.

Also, I learned something new. Never sew without first lotioning your hands, gives you a better grip on what you are sewing. Or, you can buy the grippy gloves but everyone has lotion around, right?

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mama-pan said...

So cool!! and I have NEVER heard that about the lotion, but I will have to try it!