Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boutique Shopping with a Needle and Thread

I can hardly contain my enthusiasm for this most recent arrival in the post! A whimsical and fun crayon roll from Beth. (And, thanks Beth for the extra surprises and for being so FAST.) It is the first item exchanged in the barter and it is really lovely. I'm so excited to give this to my oldest on his upcoming birthday. He isn't much of a drawer, actually, but I know he will love putting the correct colored crayon into its slot and then asking me to draw some trucks. That is how we roll.
meep, meep.

And, just to prove I'm holding up my end of things, a sneak peak into my bib factory operation. Both of my barterers wanted bibs so I'm cranking them out, I swear.

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mama-pan said...

squeal!! we are back from my sister's wedding and just cleared the remnants of houseguests from the sewing room--yoga bag, here we come!