Saturday, April 17, 2010


My mother, aunt and grandmother recently visited us for one estrogen-soaked weekend of fussing, cooking, gossiping and grandchildren spoiling. It was fantastic. On one wine filled evening we got to discussing sewing and making of things and my aunt informed me that she had acquired a slew of vintage sewing supplies when her husband's mother passed away and no one in her family wanted them. And, "Oh, how can I forget"...her husband's family used to run a flour mill had she had authentic flour sacks cleaned and stashed away..."would I like them?" I felt so guilty and certain that there would be actual connected family members upset if these precious things were given to ME so I mumbled some response. Well, lo and behold, just a few days after everyone returned home these gifts arrived in a package on my door. An incredible assortment of buttons and two flour sacks from the 40s or 50s. Oh, lucky me!
I cannot believe the windfall of free, vintage, incredible fabric coming my way these days! It is inspiring me to think about some serious garment sewing, something a little intimidating for me. But the fabric is screaming for it. Plus, it seems to precious to lay around doing nothing but 'stash'. You know?

{The buttons are so fantastic that my son said, "Is that candy? Can I eat some of your treats, Mama?" After he recovered from his disappointment upon finding out they were just buttons, he insisted I photograph him holding 'the candy'. But, as you can tell, I had to hold his hand holding the buttons because he COULD NOT keep his own hand still for long enough. Ah, three is a glorious age.}

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Juniper said...

Lucky lady! Very nice fabric and tasty looking buttons!!