Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beet Lip Balm..Fail

In every aspect of my tinkering undertaking, I try to remind myself that failure is just as important as success. Without it, I wouldn't be learning anything new and just cranking out the same old thing, right? And, tigerlily isn't some kind of handmade factory. It's my place for trying, failing, sometimes succeeding, and sharing it with other people on the same journey. Got to remember that A LOT these days. Got an idea from a friend to try making beet lip balm. I set aside beet juice created when the beets cooked. I knew that water and oil wouldn't mix but thought that the shea butter and cocoa butter in the lip balm would serve as a medium that might solidify it all together.
I was wrong. The beet juice sank to the bottom and fractured into chunks for some reason. I'm going to have to try this again. Any ideas on how to make it work? All I can think of is stirring it a bit while it is cooling?
Also, thanks to an idea from Mama-Pan, I'm adding my homemade face cleaner, face moisturizer, solid perfume, lip balm, bug balm, and deodorant to the Tigerlily Market.

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mama-pan | mary frances said...

oh my. at least you got a hilarious post title out of it :-)

would there be some way to condense the beet juice before adding it in, so the ratio of water to oils is much smaller? simmering for a long time, or something? you could call the finished product "shea butter lib balm with essence of beet". I should work for the body shop, right?