Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello August

I tend to have mixed feelings about August, it's full of fun anniversary, birthday, first time we kissed, etc. But, it is also accompanied by that mixed emotion that can only be described as 'dang-it-is-so-hot-and-humid-why-don't-you-just-stop-being-so-hot-already-BUT-WAIT-summer-is-slipping-away-please-oh-please-don't-end!' Sigh.
So, I decided to embrace the contradiction this year. So, Hi August. Here is to another month of gossip on the porch with friends, cold wine, anything and everything that can be made with a tomato, take-out sushi when it gets unbearable to cook, and splashing in the kiddie pool. And, here are two things that are making me smile from ear to ear:

1) Make, Grow, Gather. This lovely website is full of fun ideas like this, and this, and is helping me remember all the things I want to pack into summer. For example, I'm dangerously close to buying a hammock even though we have nowhere to hang it. My husband thinks I'm nuts.

2) Thx. Thx. Thx. You've probably already seen this but I'm so excited to have found it. A thank you note to the mundane written once a day. I am now constantly writing them in my own head. I'm going to email her and ask if I could copy the idea but with a photo instead. I can't compete with her cool handwriting. Check it out, I promise it will make you happy.

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mama-pan | mary frances said...

I know just what you mean about august, although I'd never articulated it to myself so clearly--so thanks.

did you get the hammock? you can always screw some hooks into your ceiling beams and hang it indoors--that's how our babysitter gets the kids to sleep at her house sometimes.