Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I found myself with a little alone time this past weekend and in an attempt to 'use it wisely' I thought I might cut out some patterns. But, I didn't get anything done save a little ironing. I was completely indecisive about which fabric to use for a sleeveless tunic top I want to make. Fabric for clothing is so much *higher stakes* than for little small projects. I mean if I'm going to wear it, it has to be just right. And, clothing fabric design is so different from quilts and tote bags. I find that so much of what I have in my stash is bright, bold designs I don't really want to wear. I need quieter, subtle palettes especially with fall coming. I'm feeling greys, marigolds, olives, dusky blues, etc. I think I'm just longing for cozy, cuddly weather. I've been trying to keep to the fabric I already have but, well, I might just be persuaded to splurge.

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mama-pan | mary frances said...

you are my hero lately for sewing for yourself! love the weekend sewing top, and definitely feel justified to supplement your stash if you are going to be making and wearing clothes like that.