Monday, September 6, 2010

Birthdays are Fun

I have the impression that I'm a difficult person to buy gifts for. I don't usually have a straight answer regarding 'what I want' but I love gifts that are fun, creative, and beautiful...usually in the opposite order. While I LOVE gift-hunting for things or experiences that fit that description most of my loved ones groan. My husband is one of the exceptions, he is superb at it. After hemming and haa-ing about getting an ice cream maker he surprised me with this ice pop maker. I'd never even heard about it before but it is fantastic. You keep it in the freezer and then make up your own ice pop mixture so that it only takes 7 minutes to freeze the ice pops. So much fun for kids!

And, not only's a great way to use up nearly *done* fruit or other things that might be wasted. The ice pop above is made from *ready to toss* watermelon mixed with sugar and lime..THAT'S IT! No other, icky ingredients. I'm not a huge popsicle person, they are usually too sweet for me but this changes my attitude. I feel like I can experiment and make them a little healthier. I'm also thinking that I can make seasonal ice pop, maybe I'm crazy but I'm thinking something peppermint for the holidays! Right?! You hear me, I think.

He also accompanied the maker with this recipe book.
It includes this sangria recipe (perfect for a summer barbeque!) for cappuccino, which was the second kind we made using some coffee left in the french press after breakfast.
I'm not saying run out and get is a space-taker in the freezer and it is another unnecessary item in the whole consumerism wheel BUT I will say if it would be something you use that I've tried it and tested it and we like it. There are some issues with freezing yogurt, which is too bad because I have dreams of making yogurt and fruit ice pops and every mixture HAS TO have sugar in the recipe...something to do with the chemistry of freezing it properly. So, those are the caveats. Will keep you updated on any future ice pop adventures!

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