Friday, November 26, 2010


I have such an insane amount to be thankful for that it makes it feels oddly if too many good things are pouring into a glass and it will soon tip over and empty. Can't tell if that is my realistic side or my skeptical side coming through. But, either way, I'm knocking on wood and in the meantime, enjoying how it feels to be filled to the brim with gratitude.
Everyone is healthy, our house is full of love, laughter and good food, dear friends are doing amazing and emotionally healing things, and I'm finally making some decisions about my own future that feel really good. It's a lot of good stuff.
We enjoyed a fantastic thanksgiving, to boot. Every year we try out new recipes thinking that perhaps this 'new' version is going to be the one that we stick with from here on out and becomes our 'tradition'. This year, while looking over the dog-eared recipes I marked as part of our 'tradition' I just wasn't inspired. Instead, I got hunting around to try something new. My dad send me to this life-changing interactive recipe website from the NYTimes. I'm seriously contemplating trying out every single recipe througout the winter, everything looks amazing and seasonal. For thanksgiving, we tried the brussel sprouts-grapes (!) and root vegetable recipes both of which stole the show. But, I love the look of all of it and might just have to print each recipe out for my recipe binder (which is splitting at the seems, literally.)

It also helped me realize that my traditional meal doesn't consist of making the same thing every year, it consists of experimenting with something new every year. And, why not? As we ride this wave of good things, we better eat well, too.


Juniper said...

Happy thanksgiving to you my dear! Am happy to hear that you are making some changes and enjoying life at the moment. The salad looks great and yes, Adrian tipped me off to the NYT section and we made the beet recipe and the carrot and ginger one too- both very good! And so simple!

mama-pan | mary frances said...

happy thanksgiving--I LOVE brussels sprouts and can't wait to try that recipe. enjoy all this goodness.