Monday, December 20, 2010

Turning a Digger Into a Pillow.

My oldest woke me up at 4 in the morning in the early Fall of this year and said, "Mama. Can you make a digger into a pillow?" At the time I was amused but also pretty sleepy. Thinking about it the next morning after a spot of coffee, I decided that I ought to try and dig up some digger fabric for a cozy bedspread and, yes, pillow case and put in my best effort at turning a digger into a pillow, so to speak.
This bedspread and pillowcase are the result. I found the fabric on etsy from a fantastic seller. It doesn't technically have a digger on it, it has a bulldozer among other things, but it was the most aesthetically pleasing of the 'transportation-themed' fabrics that I found. I ended up making a bedspread for both boys (fairness is HUGE at our house right now). And, inside of both of them I tucked something really special and warm...sure to keep winter toes toasty...a wool blanket lines them both. But, not just any wool blanket...the two wool blankets I inherited when my beloved grandmother passed away. They were worn with pretty *wild* designs on them but are now just perfectly tucked inside flannel fabric ready to protect the next generation from any kind of bitter cold.

These bedspreads are both waiting under the tree, to be opened in just a few short days. But, just knowing that they are sitting there is warming my heart already.

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