Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Favorites from the Handmade Holiday Season

Giving handmade makes the holidays so much more special and these dolls (from the book Bend the Rules with Fabric) were the gift I made this year that left me eager for Christmas to start already! I just couldn't wait for everyone to open them. I made a set for my sister, brother, mom, dad and grandma. I also made a set of the whole family for both of our boys. They LOVE them and so far have been used as participants at a tea party and observers of charades. The baby just likes to pick up his doll of himself and kiss it. It's adorable, frankly.
I also appliqued onto tea towels as a house-y gift for my sister. I really like how these turned out and like the strong images on a soft tea towel style.
May they dry many glorious dishes! All in all, I enjoyed a more scaled down handmade holiday this year and even so, felt the stress of sewing and sewing and sewing throughout December. It is nice to be solidly in January, preparing for some more experimental and whimsical sewing projects...whatever they may be.

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mama-pan | mary frances said...

way to go! those tea towels are lovely--the bold/neutral color combination is perfect, you are right. happy new year to you all!