Friday, April 1, 2011

Flashy Produce Bags

The whole family is really ready for spring this year...the boys are literally jumping off the walls with all their pent up outside energy and like a sad April Fools joke it is snowing outside today. So, rather than enjoy actually spring weather I'm preparing for the growing season and the arrival of our CSA bounty and start of the farmer's market.

Last year I quickly threw together some produce bags so that when the big box of veggies did arrive I was able to quickly throw everything in cotton, breathable bags and get it into the fridge. It made things alot easier on 'box day' but the bags were made from such a flimsy fabric that they fell apart over the course of the harvest season and they didn't always protect the veg. from the harsh refrigerator conditions. So, this year, I took a little more time and made sturdier, thicker bags with pretty labels.
To make the labels I printed (mirror image) text onto iron-on transfer paper and ironed it onto twill tape. The bags are made from old tablecloths that I had long ago cut up and stored in the deep, recessed corner of my fabric stash cabinet. So, I'm very happy to bring them a new and thrilling life in the refrigerator.
In all I made six bags..3 larger ones for greens and smaller bags for herbs and vertical veggies like carrots and beets. I suspect I will need more but I ran out of old tablecloths! Got to do a bit more digging through the fabric weeds multipying in the studio.


Erin Jane said...

LOVE these! Love, love, love!

Juniper said...

Love your bags! When will you be starting an etsy shop? I wold love to order some from you!

Little C and Little J said...

Let's talk, Jupe. I'd love to make you bags...though I'm all out of this particular fabric.