Sunday, June 29, 2008

A few projects from Bend the Rules Sewing

I'm trying to go through this book and take on lots of its projects so I can properly learn how to do things that I've previously taught myself (but taught myself the WRONG way).

First, is the no-cash wallet. The first one was a disaster so it now resides at the craft table and as a tape measure holder. The disaster part revolves around deciding to add a snap in the wrong place! Argh. The second worked (I actually stuck to the directions) and includes a button given to me by my mom years ago.

Second project was the 'charming handbag', which was really fun to make. The liner fabric is a soft, printed corduroy that used to be a shirt at the thrift shop (A J. Jill shirt of all things). I have alot left so I'm going to make other stuff with this as well. I like this but would do the straps different next time. They kind of puff out.


ten finger workshop said...

these are great projects melissa, bravo. I love the barkcloth too.

Mom said...

I love the print on the handbag. I hope it makes you happy every time you look at it.

Also, the second wallet you did is a great fabric - Juniper made some coordinating 1-year outfits for the twins out of the same. I will try to get a photo of Maddie in one of them this season and post it. Yup, Jupe's had the gift for sewing clothes for a long time.