Monday, July 7, 2008

Finished Kitchen Curtains

I tried my hand with the new fabric and finished these super easy curtains with instructions from Bend the Rules (again.) Adds a bit more color to the kitchen and provides better privacy from neighbors.
Also in this shot but relatively hidden (behind the electric kettle) is my new love...The miniprep from Cuisinart. I fell in love and had to have one after watching the tutorials on There is alot not to love about the Weelicious woman, ex-model that feeds her son only homemade, super healthy baby food, need I say more? Anyway, she was whipping stuff up in her miniprep and it dawned on me that I need that. I thought it would mean more baby food but mostly it's just quicker grown up food. But, really, that's pretty important too. I haven't yet achieved a model's figure. But, I will let you know if the MiniPrep is also able to achieve success in that area.


Mom said...

I love the cuisinart for baby food - I've had success making all the food for the twins and again for Maddie. My 'bible' has been the Super Baby Food book, by Ruth Yaron.

As for adult recipes, I just used it tonight for a great summer soup. I'll post about it at eatsleepkids.

Blah, blah, blah, food, food, food - the curtains are SO cute. Congrats on digging into the new projects! Keep going!

Juniper said...

Well done on the curtains! Am impressed you made them so quickly. They look great.