Saturday, July 5, 2008

Front Porch Advice

So, we got this great front porch furniture from Target. I love it, it was inexpensive and turns our front porch in a whole additional room in the house. Most nights we eat our here and Cal loves to play out here. It's great. The only problem is, nothing matches. I thought about recovering the furniture because it has such an old-fashioned design and is kind of itchy (it's that outdoor-style fabric that isn't soft AT ALL). But, given the cost of heavy-duty fabric (a cost I am recently all too familiar with, see post below) I was thinking I might switch gears and try to make a rug from old scraps. Any thoughts, advice, rug tutorials, or furniture recovery tips! I honestly might have enough leftover fabric from the curtain craziness going on but that project will take years given my new fears so I can't count on that. Help!


Juniper said...

What a lovely space! Seems the perfect area to hang out, read the paper, sip coffee etc. Could you perhaps remove the rug and just have painted floorboards? Kids, food, rugs... don't always mix so well.. and I imagine in the summer months a rug is not so essential. Come fall you could maybe get something Neutral... cheep and cheerful - perhaps in a better shade. Re-covering all the furniture seems pretty time and money intensive as does making a rug yourself... unless it's something you have been wanting to do.

ten finger workshop said...

WHat a nice porch M! I think that maybe the rug needs to go?? I love our porch, except its always a work in progress, I think that's the thing with well used areas of your house. It'll come to you, I think tuck in fabric too see how it feels and looks before recovering. good question.

Mom said...

I love the sunlight coming through the far window! What a great space. I agree about the flooring - changing that would really help bring the space together as the furniture is dominant in the space now. The fabric pattern seems pretty cool, but I know how some of that outdoor fabric can feel on bare skin - scratchy! Recovering the furniture does seem pretty intensive...are the cushions made of foam or stuffed with batting? Maybe instead of trying to make covers for the stuff you have you could sell those on craigslist and start over with custom foam pieces that you cover yourself? Anyway, I think what you have is great - just changing some of the accompanying pieces may do the trick (and keep you enjoying the space, rather than spending the time re-covering).

I'm in the process of covering our (re)new dining room chairs and I'll let you know how that goes too.