Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Sailor Set

I finished this pair of pants and matching sweatshirt last week. It's my first successful applique and embrodiery. Though, calling it embrodiery is a bit of stretch...just a straight stitch with embrodiery floss, really.

Here are the pants in their early life, masquerading as an old man's pajama top! The best part of doing the pants this way hemming. YOu just cut down to the hem. The pattern is from and fits Cal perfectly.
Here is a little closeup of the whole deal. This sweatshirt was the cutest sweatshirt from my sister, she had stencilled on it "I Heart Duluth". It was great but I messed it up somehow when I washed it so had to cover the stencilling. The light blue portion was an old t-shirt that I ironed onto fusible interfacing so it was easy enough to stitch onto.
And, here it is on my reluctant model. He's not yet in the posing for photos stage.

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Juniper said...

Great use of an old shirt!! Very cute outfit!!!