Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thoughts on our Farm Share

When we signed up with our neighbors to participate in a local organic farm's community supported agriculture project I was so excited. I've been wanting to do this since I was in college but wasn't ever rooted enough to figure it all out and get in an application on time. We ended up joining for one family portion with two other families because there is a waiting list and you can only get a share if you are in with someone else that already has one. (Makes me wonder why there aren't more farms doing this, with such high demand.)

Anyway, I was assuming that I would acquire so many recipes for unusual vegetables and, have this whole new collection of seasonal cooking tips, etc. Now, perhaps, it's because we are sharing with so many other people and so don't have a surplus of food (it's just enough, really) but this hasn't been the case at all. I've discovered something else that I think it so beautiful and simple it makes me shiver. Good, local, organic food doesn't need alot of dressing up. Grill it, toss with olive oil, pepper and salt and it's stunning. Grate it or chop it fresh and it's also stunning. If it is leafy and green, I saute garlic in oil until it's super hot, toss in greens for a short while, then take off heat and top with lemon, salt and pepper and, you guessed's stunning. We are eating vegetables like fiends and I can really feel the difference in my energy level. But, the best part is it is so simple and not alot of extra work. With a little one, a lack of effort is always welcome. It took a while but I figured out that good food is good. Bad food needs sauces and, well, cover up. Not that I don't love my sauces and cover ups but you get the idea. In all, YEAH! for good food.

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ten finger workshop said...

good job for joining a CSA, I too have a hard time getting my act together in March, when you have to sign up. We're on the same summer menu, whatever comes out of the garden. One book we like is " Simply in Season" a great book for each season, it also has some canning and freezing recipes. We can all stand a little taller knowing we're good hippies. Cheers.