Thursday, July 31, 2008

We've Gone Batty

It doesn't look like much but this slatted block of wood is our new bat house! It all started when a friend gave us screen and a book on how to build a bat house. After the little guy arrived we realized that we didn't have the time to build our own but we really like the idea of having a bat house for natural insect control. After reading Last Child In the Woods, we were even more into the idea. So, we ordered this pre-built bat house from The Organization for Bat Conservation.
So, this past weekend we painted it black (as the book recommends for keeping it warmer) and attached it to a post that happens to live in our backyard. It's only around 12 feet tall, when they recommend 20 feet but, we are hoping for the best. Our future plans include building one with little C when he's get older and sitting outside around dusk to watch for bats. It's a whole family adventure really and we are all pumped.

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