Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Going Girly Girl

No, we aren't expecting. This little cutie is for an upcoming baby shower for a guy at my office. He and his wife have been trying and trying and are finally, securely and happily pregnant with a baby girl! They are so thrilled, it contagious. So, using a tutorial recommended by Capers and Olives, I made this top out of a thrift store shirt. It is so soft and gauzy from being previously loved, it's perfect. The tutorial and many others are here.

The crazy thing it is hanging off of is (no joke) a pull out tie organizer that is permanently attached to the door in one of our bedrooms. It is original to the house (around 1910's) and it is completely not child safe as it's about halfway up the door. (Hello! Around 20 metal spike-like things). But, I'm being stubborn and not removing it because I just don't have the heart. It's such a great part of our home's history.

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Mom said...

ok, ok...I've got to make one of these now; they are adorable. I love your choice of fabric too.