Friday, August 15, 2008

The new wallet--harumph!

I made this from the instructions in Lotta's "Simple Sewing", which I really like but I'm not so crazy about this wallet. It's mostly because me and bias tape don't really get along. I was supposed to miter the corners and everything went a bit haywire so I ended up sewing twice along the bias tape edge and then had to add a third stitch to try and make it look like the two stitches were part of some secret design...and well, it just looks a little sloppy. Guess I think that this could be alot easier. Seems like Beth figured out how to do the whole project quickly and have it turn out beautifully.
And...the inside is lined so it has raw edges, argh!
I do like the button and latch portion. This was my first attempt at sewing my own button hook and I like it. So, I guess that worked out well. I does serve the purpose though of funking up my sad old checkbook. So, I can't say everything went wrong.

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Mom said...

Oh - I love the colors! But, yes, bias tape and binding IS tricky (you saw my complaints about it with the gratitude wrap). The pattern I used didn't call for it, thankfully. I think I will stick to topstitching for the time being, and save the binding tape for quilts and banners. The button & loop are so cool too!