Thursday, August 14, 2008

Taking things to new heights. Ha!

I can't resist a pun, I really can't. And, this is exactly why I will make such a good, embarassing mom as soon as my son is old enough to be embarassed by me. Now, he thinks I'm pretty great regardless of what I do. But, I digress. The height chart. I fell in love with this fun fabric and had to have it. After pondering what to do with it for a while it became clear it was born to be a height chart. I love the fun of tracking a kid's height and how exciting it was, as a kid, to see how much you've grown and feel this crazy pride about it. So, there you have it...this guy came into being.
I made it a bit like a quilt with cotton batting in between and flannel on the backside. But, didn't do any additional quilting because I liked the fabric design and didn't want to mess with it. For the height listing I used textile ink and rubber number stamps from A Little Goodness. At each foot I made a stuffed animal that marks 'just how big you are getting'. These were appliqued onto the flannel and then stuffed with poly fiberfill. For the hanging device, daddy-o drilled holes in a dowel rod and I put Martha Stewart brand baker's twine through it with a little button tied to the other end to keep it in place. We will have to measure it's height from the ground when we install it but after that we can measure away! He's already 31 inches tall so we are a little behind. I can't wait for it to fill up with our chicken scratches.

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This is awesome.