Friday, August 22, 2008

Run, Table, Run!

This runner completes a wedding gift for a friend, the cocktail napkins were the other component. I did some freestyle embrodiery on the end of each side of the runner...

Here is the 'long shot' view, which isn't that great but a full view of the runner actually looks really dull becuase the embrodiery blends in. I used a linen on the top and dotted teal and brown for the backing. I love the way that linen drapes, it's so nice.

This is a bit of detail for the embrodiery at the other end. The embrodiery floss is actually baker's twine from the Martha Stewart line, which I find myself using in all kinds of ways these days. It's just plain handy.

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Mom said...

Gorgeous. An true heirloom.