Monday, August 11, 2008

Some simple projects

I'm so in love with this vintage fabric that I made a few things from some of the scraps remaining after cutting my fat quarters for the swap. Below are four napkins, though I'm already thinking twice about this idea. They are nice napkins but I might take the seams out and use this for another, more decorative project. For now, they live as napkins.
Below is my first custom order...ever! A coworker saw my klean kanteen koat and put in a request. I was thrilled to accomodate. Same technique as I used before except I finally got smart and sewed with a piece of paper under the sticky side...that way it didn't stick to the machine. Made it an awful lot easier. Button is also from my vintage hunt.


Mom said...

yeah for custom orders! congrats.

K, M & little C said...

You asked about the napkins. They were so simple it's almost embarassing. The fabric was originally a window valance so when I chopped off the 18 X 22 portion I was left with a scrap that had three sides already hemmed. I just hemmed one side and was done! That's the real reason I made them, it was so darn easy I couldn't resist. I've decided if I ever write a crafty book it will have to be called "The Laziest Sewer." This probably doesn't help you at all but I know that Bend The Rules has a mixy matchy napkin pattern.