Monday, August 11, 2008

A No Reason Gift for Me!

Thanks Beth for the fantastic dried cherries. Came home to a wonderful surprise in the mail the other day...a full cup of dried cherries, as promised, from her front yard cherry tree. They taste so fantastic, Callulm (and I) were eating them by the handful. I really don't bake very often but I figured I had better make scones soon before the cherries disappeared. Used the Domestic Goddess cookbook recipe, which randomly included an adaptation for lemon zest and sour dried cherries. Of course, as proof that I don't bake often enough I didn't have enough straight flour so I used about 1/2 self-rising flour and 1/2 regular flour and half the called for amount of soda but the same amount of cream of tartar. Turns out, I love this mistake! They are like a scone/biscuit hybrid. Who knew. Seriously, I know it sounds sacreligious but try it sometime. You might be surprised.

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