Saturday, September 20, 2008

Queuing Up!

Got a chance for some lone fabric shopping in both a Jo-Anns for the basics and my favorite nearby fabric store, Spool in Philadelphia. Yes, sadly, my closest nice fabric store is over an hour and a half away. Hard to believe but it seems the entire state of New Jersey doesn't have a fabric store nicer than Jo-Anns. So, when I get to Spool, I'm a happy girl. They let me pull out all the bolts I need, then change my mind and start all over again. And, they get excited for me, offer tons of suggestions and hearty encouragement. That said, despite the incredible temptation I (mostly) stuck to my rule and only bought fabric dedicated to a specific project. So, here is the makeup of the current queue: 1) This fantastic fabric farmhouse for the little man (as a Holiday gift to give myself some time), 2) The fabric for the Bend The Rules lap quilt, 3) another baby quilt (possibly) to submit to the Make Baby Stuff and Superbuzzy contest and 4) flannel for the Bend the Rules scalloped quilt, which is so lovely but intimidating given my inability to sew in curves. But, it's all feeling a bit ambitious right now.

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Beth said...

ah, the mermaids...what could be better than that? love your stash - looks like some great stuff.